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What are differences? 

The world is full of differences. These differences have started with the birth of life on earth. Some of these differences bring negative results. But some of these differences are essential to human life. 

 Kinds of Differences

We can identify many differences in the world. The following are some of the examples for them. Color bar, Cast differences, Generation gap, Party differences, Sex differences, Religions differences, Economic differences, Communal differences, differences in Flora. 

Differences Constructive in Nature

Sex difference is an example for positive results of differences. We can’t think of future without sex difference. We have been able to secure our future existence by reproduction thanks to male and female difference.  

Differences Destructive in Nature

Similarly some differences bring bad results. Religions differences are a classic example for this. The purpose of any religion is to direct people on the correct path. But people are religiously divided and are fighting against each other. Examples for these destructive developments are religious riots, communal riots, and the protests for equal rights for women and clashes between the white and black people and the political clashes. In all these clashes many a life is lost. 


The reason for all these conflicts in the world is that most people look at these differences emotionally. People are normally prejudiced and think that only his or her religion, caste color, generation, party, sex or community is right and supreme. They do not respect other varieties.  They do not use intelligence to study these differences. Therefore if we want to resolve the problems we must use both brain and heart in looking at these differences. Then we will be able to see and understand the reality of these differences without prejudices. The day we learn to understand these differences in the right spirit using both our heart and brain at an equal ratio the world will be peaceful and a better place to live in.   


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My Father

My Father

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My father is a very innecent farmer who lives in rural Mahavilachchiya village. He cultivated paddy in our paddy field and there are many attacks from elephant to our paddy. Since my father went to keep the paddy at night. Also he works hard at Day and night. My fathers faced a greater danger in last year by an elephant attack and yet he is getting medicine.   At last August Tuesday night (2007.08.14) my father went to protect the paddy as his daily activity. Everyday my father leaves home about 8.30PM. There was a very shocked incident had to my father at that day. A team of LTTE has kidnapped my father while he is in our paddy field. My father has noisy and ask other farmers to help him. That incident happened at 10.30PM.           

About Me

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Hellow ! Everybody. Welcome to my home page. I am Aruni Pradeepika Karunarathne,known to my friends as Aruni. I was born in Mahavilachchiya, a village about 32 km away from the town of Anuradhapura of North Central Province in Sri Lanka. I am still schooling. I had my primary and have secondary education at Saliya Mala School in Mahavilachchiya. I did my O/Ls in 2004 and got three ‘A’ passes, one ‘B’ pass, five ‘C’ passes and one ‘S’ pass. I am did my A/Ls with Art Subjects in 2007. My A/L subjects are Sinhala, Buddhist Civilization and Political Science. I am a senior student of Horizon Lanka Foundation. My main hobby is reading books. That is a great hobby. My favourite books are ‘Mother’ by Maxim Gorky, “Guru Geethaya” by Changes Aiththamathau and Ernesto Che Guevara. That is really nice. I also like to read stories like Rabbit and Fox, Hide, Swami and Fends, Oliver Twist. I like to read the books by Martin Wickkramasinghe as well.

My Family.

There are six of us in our family: myself ,Aruni Pradeepika Karunarathna ;my father, Karunarathna ;my mother ,Dayawathi ;my sister ,Anusha Madhubhashini and and my two brothers , Chamara Pradeep and Darshana Prasad. Below you will find a little more information about each of us. My father’s name is U.B. Karunarathna. My father was born in Elayapaththuwa in Anuradhapura. He is a farmer. He is cultivate our garden year through out. We have a big well. He uses water from this for cultivation. Our Garden has a variety of vegetables like pumpkin, tomatoes etc. He always thinks of our future. He grows teak in our garden. In the paddy field he grows rice. My mother’s name is J.M. Dayawathi. My mother was born in Elayapaththuwa in Anuradhapura. She is a house wife. She is an excellent cook. She is helps my father cultivate our garden and paddy field. She had a dream about us. It is give good education to us.


Hello world!

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